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Buy 2, get a 3rd free!!!*  Sale applies to designs mixed among these designers only * :

Cutworks Designs (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Truswell Needlework Design (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Moonshadow Stitchery (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Satin Stitches (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

The Sweetheart Tree (last updated Apr 22, 2011)

Patricia Ann Designs (last updated Oct 2, 2010)

M Designs (last updated Oct 2, 2010)

Elizabeth's Designs (last updated Oct 2, 2010)

Julie Ann Designs (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Designs from Margaret Lee (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Vintage Bliss (last updated Dec 13, 2009)

Designs by Ruthanne (last updated Apr 28, 2013)

Beautiful Threads Needlework (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Character Creations (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Something Different (last updated Apr 5, 2013)

Living Faith, Hope and Grace (last updated May 14, 2013)

Prentiss Needle Art (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

TLC Designs (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Duo Designs (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Needlework by C. Kronenwetter (last updated Jul 24, 2011)

Glory Bee Stitch (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Paw Printings (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Graceful Lily Designs (last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Lesa Steele Designs (last updated May 14, 2010)

Pinn Stitch (last updated Apr 06, 2011)

by Ronda Jean **(llast updated Jan 20, 2010)

Laura Rath Designs **(last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Lee Hills Designs **(last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Tom Pudding Designs **(llast updated Feb 26, 2010)

Graceful Touch Designs **(last updated Jan 20, 2010)

Forever in My Heart **(last updated Apr 29, 2013)

* Mix and match among these designers. See designer price list for details. Free chart must be of equal or lesser value. Sale applies to in-stock items only. Deal on designer page may override this offer here.

** These designers are already marked down, so 3 for 2 sale does not apply.

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