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  1. If you do not want to use PayPal and would rather make payment some other way, please copy or print your shopping cart and e-mail it to us along with your payment plans.

  2. Cookies must be enabled for the shopping cart to remember your items.

  3. Internet Explorer may require pop-ups to be enabled.

  4. View Cart takes you to a PayPal homepage until you have added an item.

  5. Firefox 2.0 Issue:

    • Add to Cart button opens a new tab but "Continue Shopping" doesn't take you back to the original tab. You must manually switch Tabs.

    • "View Cart" doesn't switch to an open cart tab, so you must switch to your open  cart tab manually.

    • It's OK to close the Cart tab between Adds.

  6. Shipments to Washington State pay state sales tax.

  7. Shipping beyond the US of America requires a surcharge.

  8. Shipping for items other than charts / leaflets may require a surcharge.










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