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Extraordinary Products for Extraordinary Stitchers
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Tiffany Daffodils   $9.00 each
Tiffany Roses   $9.00 each
Tiffany Periwinkles   $9.00 each
Tiffany Poppies   $9.00 each
Water Lilies            $13.00 each

Morning Glories   $13.00 each
Poppies             $13.00 each
Orchids              $13.00 each
Peacock Stained Glass          $10.00 each
Noel                $10.00 each

Poinsettia    $10.00 each
Stained Glass Ornaments I         $10.00 each
Stained Glass Ornaments II               $10.00 each

Image unavailable Image unavailable
Oriental Trellis   $7.00 each
Linen Band   $6.00 each
Diamond Rose   $7.00 each


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