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Kreinik  Threads and Kits
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Needlepaint quantities very limited.
My Cottage Garden Cottage Colors Collection


  • 25 Kreinik Silk Mori™ 1/2 Skeins*
  • in a six-compartment storage box
  • with color chart and silk history
  • and the garden chart by Betsy Foster
$40.00 each   
Needlepaint floss skein

$2.00 each

Please email for listing of available colors

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Remember the Ladies Kits (include chart,instuctions,and Kreinik fibers)
Belessed Are   $15.00 each
Country Day   $15.00 each
Dutch Sampler   $15.00 each
Enough is as a Feast  $15.00 each

Flowers for My Friend   $15.00 each
Milkpaint Sampler

$15.00 each

Please email us for order information

Time Passes  $15.00 each
Williamsburg Lady    $15.00 each
A Winter's Night    $15.00 each

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Irish Chain Remember the Ladies Advanced

$15.00 each

Ohio Star Remember the Ladies Advanced

$15.00 each

Please email us for order information

Late Night Therapy - Rooted in Love Complete Kit includes chart, fabric and threads 
$12.00 each  

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Silk gauze kits include 40 ct silk gauze, needle, threads and chart
Stitcher's Guide to Silk   $9.95 each
Let it Snow Globe gauze kit   $18.00 each
Christmas Tree Globe gauze kit   $18.00 each
Classic Santa        gauze kit   $18.00 each
Friendship Pansy     gauze kit   $18.00 each

Kreinik Collections Braids and Metallics plus chart
Kreinik Collection Snowflake  $18.00 each
Kreinik Collection Gingerbread  $18.00 each
Pastel Sampler Collection  $18.00 each


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