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Extraordinary Products for Extraordinary Stitchers
MTV Designs
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For a Stitchers Friend Sewing Kit
(chart only) $24.50 each
Romantic Sewing Set
(chart only) $18.00 each

Fall:   Winter: 
Fall and Winter Biscornu: Chart only
$19.00 each
Accessory Thread Pack (chart sold separately):     (Includes Olde Willow Stitchery full skeins of Floss and specialty buttons) $37.00 each
Bride Dream Jewelry Roll chart
$16.00 each
Accessory Pack (chart sold separately):              (includes Olde Willow Floss, Peach silk fabric, mother of pearl buttons, mother of pearl hearts)  $46.00 each

Price List under construction. More designs to follow.


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