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These faux Mother of Pearl scissors, thread card and thimble are also reminiscient of the Charles X period. The scissors are handmade in France by master scissor makers. It takes 12 artisans to make each pair. The pieces are available as a set or individually.               Scissors are 11.8 cm

The Mother of Pearl Collection                     $150.00 each set (Please email us for order information)

Mother of Pearl style Scissors :                     $94.00 each (Please email us for order information)

Mother of Pearl style Thimble                       $40.00 each (Please email us for order information)

Mother of Pearl style Thread winder             $16.00 each (Please email us for order information)
Butterfly Thread Cards - Honfleur                  The butterfly thread cards are the seventh in the collection of 18 styles of cards available from Sajou. Boxed in sets of six, each card is a different colorway of the basic design. All of the sets bear the names of towns in Normandy as a tribute to the history of this linen producing region of France. In the past, linen thread was mainly sold on this type of card. These cards will help keep your threads in order.
.                $14.00 each

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Embroiderer Box - Large Box             This charming embroiderer is yours to work as the top to a lovely round box. Use your finished masterpiece to house your favorite ring or keepsake. Box is Blue.

Size: 7.3 cm diameter x 3.5 cm

$24.00 each


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